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FOX News
Dec 6, 2013 12:00am PST
chinese food, i never should have had that pork. did the obamas' dog knockdown a little girl on orders from the first lady? the white house hasn't denied it. >>> all right. he wants to sour your happy hour. president obama has ordered bartenders to organize boozeyy vents to boost obamacare. he told the crowd at the white house youth summit to push the plan wherever they can. >> if you are a student body president, set up a conference on campus. if you work at a nonprofit, open your doors and use your e-mail list to help people learn the facts. if you have a radio show, spread the word on air. if you are a bartender, have a happy hour. >> i said that already. anyway, obama quoted jfk word for word. >> the bottom line is, i'm gonna need you. and the country needs you. >> that line is as powerful today as when jfc said it at his inauguration. during a tour of the white house the obama's done, sunny, flattened a little girl. >> terrible. the dog was later killed. can we see the knockdown again in slow motion, please? >> look, sherrod. >> let's keep it real, greg. keep it real. >> i don't t
FOX News
Dec 5, 2013 12:00am PST
was being skeptical. >> i often confuse swooning with skeptical. is this about obama or is it bore dom? it has been six years. >> yeah, right? there is a certain time factor. also i am a bit of a freudian. you said the republicans are your dad. so are the democrats when they are in tower. who ever is in power is the dad. also all of the snooping and the spying and the going through your e-mails, that's parental. he is pushing those buttons. he is make the milenials feel pestered. >> it is like when you go away and your mom goes into your room and finds the bottle of tequilla and the pictures of yourself flexing in the bathroom, terry. >> they never found those. >> it could be worse than that. tracy finds it so parochial. she is like, really? that's all you have? pictures of you flexing? >> are they millenials though? can't we call them what they are ? punks. anybody who voted for this, anybody who voted for this twice , suck it. i want you to feel some pain. i want you to have on pay for the insurance. you wanted it. pay for it. >> it is funny because i said this before on a show calle
FOX News
Dec 3, 2013 12:00am PST
that from a song. >> clearly you hate black people. >> no, no. >> remi, is kanye right though? are all the jews who run things could have help owed bough ma -- helped obama and chose not to? >> what he says is some people have advantageous connections and others don't. could kanye gotten into college if his mother was not a professor there? i don't know. >> are you asking an arab guy to give an opinion on jews? really? >> jews and the arabs and the oil money, we were all put together. >> we have three jews and an arab and something i don't even know what i am. >> when i first saw what he said i didn't see the part where he talked about george bush and the oil people. i thought oil people was his term for arabs. but then i realized when i saw the whole quote he meant big oil people in texas. i thought it was jews and he coobt remember arabs so he -- couldn't remember arabs and so he said oil people. >> he also said he couldn't get -- he asked the radio station if your daughter wanted a job here you probably couldn't get her a job. the guy who owns the station could get her a be jo. bill
FOX News
Dec 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
. should the paper have apologized? please have no in your answer. >> of course no. it's pro-obama. the message is saying he gets blamed for everything. >> i'm going to steal that. i didn't say that. joe hicks said it. he was talking about the rights when he said it. it's true. the only way that could be racist is the guy scoring the touchdown was white and the guy trying to tackle him is black. then i would have a problem, if i was black. >> it's they're ffult. not your fault. >> it's about perception. like the beauty. i don't apologize for mine. it's not racist. this is black and white, the picture. and the obama's america looks like the writing in rocky horror picture show, so i enjoyed that. >> i'm glad you found some pleasure in this. it's not even a good point. >> stephen. >> sir. >> a bunch of people have apologized for things lately, no names necessary here. does that need stop. too much apologizing, i think. >> i think if you look at this situation it's weird because there's other satire type thgs happening across the country that problem mention obama's america and nobody
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)